The project “Innovative WBL Painting Talents” or In Paint was launched on 1st October 2017 for 2 years and was conceived to find solutions to the main problems of the Painters/Decorators in the construction sector:

  1. the shortage of young professionals
  2. the lack in the quality of the painters’ training
  3. the scarcity of knowledge of market innovation by Painters and Training institutes

To face these needs, In Paint intends:

  • to reinforce the cooperation among Professional Associations, their Painting SMEs Members and VET Institutes at National level, coordinated by the European Association of Painters Contractors (UNIEP) at the European level;
  • to increase the effectiveness of the WBL painting training with a permanent work with teachers in connection with businesses;
  • to promote the image of the painting sector, attracting and recruiting young painters.

The objective is therefore to create a “Work Based Learning Observatory” (open access interactive platform) gathering all existing and useful tool for trainers/teachers in the sector as handbooks, videos, checklists, for exchanging good practices and documents. In the meantime, a new profile, the Work Based Learning Developer will ensure a reinforced cooperation among Professional Associations, VET providers and companies.

To discover more, download the Project Summary!




UNIEP (LU) is the International Union of Painting Contractors representing around 280,000 businesses through its 19 member associations in 15 European countries. Since 1953, UNIEP has been the voice for painting contractors and allied trades and is the authoritative trade association representing Professional Painters.

5 National Associations of Painting Contractors:

Landesinnung Der Maler Und Tapezierer Niederösterreich

Landesinnung Der Maler Und Tapezierer Niederösterreich (AU) which works with vocational schools and master schools for training painters and masters. It supports painting companies in the training of apprentices in the dual training system, the vocational qualification measures of instructors in enterprises and teachers in professional master classes and vocational schools.

Confederatie Bouw – Belgische Schilders (BE) is a non-profit organization of craftsmen working in the painting sector, representing the interests of its 600 members. It provides services on technical, environmental and juridical matters.

Cech maliru, lakyrniku a tapetaru CR z.s.

Cech maliru, lakyrniku a tapetaru CR z.s. (CZ) is a guild of painters and decorators representing 250 members and working with 30 professional schools. It organises training for vocational teachers to acquire skills according to the labour market needs.

Bundesverband Farbe Gestaltung Bautenschutz

Bundesverband Farbe Gestaltung Bautenschutz (DE) represents over 40,000 painting and varnishing firms employing 206,000 persons. The Association represents an important companies’ sector network.

PDA - Painting and Decorating Association

PDA - Painting and Decorating Association (UK) represents the painters and decorators across the UK and has the purpose to ensure all members adhere to the highest standards. It represents large National contractors and small businesses with a large experience in training tools.

1 Chamber of Craft and SMEs :

OZS - The Chamber of craft and Small Business of Slovenia

OZS - The Chamber of craft and Small Business of Slovenia (SI) which is an umbrella organisation covering the craft and small business and connected with initial vocational education and training. It monitors places for practical initial VET, supporting the process of WBL.

2 Territorial organisms of Professional training:


SBG (DE) is a private, non-profit educational institution operating a Painter Master (Meister) school. It is embedded in the dual system of vocational training in Germany. Work-based learning is an important pedagogical principle for SBG.

Střední škola stavební a strojní, Teplice

Střední škola stavební a strojní, Teplice (CZ) is one of the main technical middle schools in region (600 students). The school offers VET experience and has a long-term cooperation with employers, companies and social partners in vocational training explicitly in the painting field.

1 Company bringing together a network of international and national experts in vocational education and training:


IMANOVATION (PT) which is a private sector company with a strong experience in apprenticeship and quality assurance.

1 Associated Partner

SMEunited - the European Craft and SME employers' organisation - is a member of the EU Social Dialogue.