The project “Innovative WBL Painting Talents” or In Paint was conceived in order to find solutions to the main problems of the Painters/Decorators in the construction sector:

  1. the shortage of young professionals
  2. the lack in the quality of the painters’ training
  3. the scarcity of knowledge of market innovation by Painters and Training institutes

To face these needs, In Paint intends:

  • to reinforce the cooperation among Professional Associations, their Painting SMEs Members and VET Institutes at National level, coordinated by the European Association of Painters Contractors (UNIEP) at the European level;
  • to increase the effectiveness of the WBL painting training with a permanent work with teachers in connection with businesses;
  • to promote the image of the painting sector, attracting and recruiting young painters.

The objective is therefore to create a “Work Based Learning Observatory” (open access interactive platform) gathering all existing and useful tool for trainers/teachers in the sector as handbooks, videos, checklists, for exchanging good practices and documents. In the meantime, a new profile, the Work Based Learning Developer will ensure a reinforced cooperation among Professional Associations, VET providers and companies.

Expected results:

  • Through a mapping of the different WBL systems, a WBL Observatory (Interactive Open sources Platform) will be created, for gathering existing tools for trainers/teachers in the sector as handbooks, videos, checklists, and for enabling to exchange good practices, tools and material.
  • Secondly, and with the purpose to better professionalize the sector and to increase the effectiveness of the WBL painting training, a new profile, the WBL Developer, managed by the National associations, will represent the pillar of the cooperation among professional associations, VET providers and companies supporting them in the WBL process. This new qualified person will help to detect the training needs of the SMEs and to provide last innovative technics from the manufacturers and training tools. His crucial role will be to facilitate the relation between the companies and the vocational schools, the promotion of the image of the profession so to increase the recruitment of young qualified painters.


The project was launched the 1st October 2017 and will end till 30th September 2019.


To discover more, download the Project Summary!