In order to achieve its mission, In Paint intends to create a WBL Observatory that gathers existing tools for trainers/teachers and that plays as resource centre, open to all stakeholders of the sector.
In Paint also introduces a new profile, a WBL Developer who will act as a facilitator to create the right business environment for SMEs, compensating their limited capacity to deal with their learning needs.

The Developer will help VET Institutes in selecting the apprentices to be trained in the company, in the attempt of attracting youth to a more innovative sector.

In Paint has set out its activities bearing in mind that, on the one side, Painting Companies and Manufacturers need well-trained specialists to provide high-quality skilled work and to process the products of the Paint industry with the best knowledge. On the other side, teachers/trainers need to work together with companies, industry and associations to guarantee the best training for the apprentices.

Work Packages

Project management

As project manager, UNIEP has the responsibility of delivering all aspects of the project on time and on budget. UNIEP has also the task of ensuring a smooth cooperation among consortium members, looking after the internal communication among the partners.
This WP runs throughout the whole project and mirrors the overall development of the activities.


Observatory Platform

The WBL Observatory is an interactive platform - a network of painting sector stakeholders. All the data and information collected in the platform structure will be disseminated to a wide range of future users of the platform - VET providers, teachers/trainers, companies and learners.
This WP will include the contributions obtained in WP3, 4 and 5 and will continue after the project lifetime.
Although the creation of the platform is subcontracted, all the partners will participate in the definition/concept of the platform, in the translation of the documents and information to be held online.


Mapping the situation of teachers and trainers WBL training, the good practices and the training tools

The 6 partner countries are implementing their WBL and apprenticeship schemes. The starting point is to know the state of art in the 6 countries aimed to identify the situation of teachers and trainers WBL training, the good practices and the training tools examples.


WBL Developer

This WP conceives a competence framework for the WBL Developer in line with the directions of the EU (EQF, ECVET) policy. WP4 will obtain inputs from actions undertaken within the context of WP3.
More specifically, the task is to define the place and status of the WBL Developer within the sector, and to design its qualification in terms of knowledge, skills and competences required in preparation for the validation in national workshops. The transnational validation will be held in the Trainer Camp on 28th-29th May in the Czech Republic.


Tools to trainers and WBL Developer

This WP will develop the inputs given by WP3. In order to offer a complete framework for WBL education, the partners are gathering and adopting existing paper and informative materials to develop innovative resources, update tools and set up the adequate training materials to the use of the WBL Developer.


Quality Assurance

A Quality plan has been set up to ensure the quality and timeliness of deliverables and to monitor the rolling out of the activities. The aim of this WP is to make sure that the project milestones are met.
Central to the quality assurance is an emphasis on planning, communication and problem-solving. The WP will assure the process in the project management (efficiency of the work progression) and the achievement of the production.
This WP runs throughout the whole project duration.


Dissemination of results and Communication activities

This WP defines a structured plan for the foreground exploitation, transfer of project’s results along with communication to all the stakeholders to maximize impact.
The concept of dissemination in the In Paint project is to develop simple information and awareness to all relevant stakeholders in the Painting sector in Europe and to a wider audience. The strategy includes internal and external communication to associations, SMEs, VET providers, Teachers and Trainers networks and the society to attract talents to the painting sector.
The nature of 2 partner associations at European level, SMEunited and UNIEP covering respectively 12 million and 60.000 enterprises companies, provides a remarkable extension of the impact among the SMEs and at European level.
This WP follows the entire development of In Paint and ensures that all project outcomes are continuously disseminated.